Overland to Asia

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Welcome to the photosite of my second big trip. I travelled from Amsterdam to Bangkok almost all the way overland, in the footsteps of the old hippies. Only from Calcutta I took a plane to Bangkok, this because of the impossibility of crossing Myamar by land. My first initiative was to go by Trans-Siberia express to Mongolia and China and then go to Thailand and India. But because I stayed too long in Romania and getting the visa for Russia and Mongolia wasn't as easy and more time consuming as I thought and I didn't want to get my balls frozen off in the Mongolian winter, I decided to take the "ancient" hippie trail. This proved to be a good change of plan.

There are not many people as friendly and hospitable as the Iranians. But also the Romanians and the Turks show a great deal of hospitality. Also for sceneries this route was well worth the effort. From the strange outerworldly landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey to the scenery around Alamut (Castle of the Assassins) to the breathtaking Hunza valley in Northern Pakistan. It was all very rewarding.

May I remind you that these pictures shown are copyrighted. But no need to worry! If you want a print (limited edition guaranteed) or want to use them for publication you can buy them from me.

I like to thank Marjolein and Vidhi for correcting my text and all the people I photographed; willingly and unwillingly, aware and unaware.


P.s. if some pictures appear to be to dark you can always adjust your contrast and brightness settings.